Giving Birth Naturally
is Like Running a Marathon

Allow me to compare Giving Birth Naturally to running a marathon.

If I would decide to participate in a marathon today, I would most likely drop down unconscious after 20 minutes of running (even though I consider myself pretty "sporty"). Why? Because I am not prepared.

giving birth naturally

Running a marathon is hard. It requires a lot of physical and mental strength. So, in order to be able to do it you need to train for it. It takes months to strengthen all the mussels and grow your endurance. A big part of the training for marathon goes to mental preparation.

So how is giving birth naturally different? Not much.

Labor is long and hard. Pain is unbearable at times and it makes you loose your mind.

The only difference between labor and marathon is that when you can't run no more, you STOP and drop dead on the grass. When you birth - you don't really have that option (unless there is a medical emergency and you have to have a C-section). Bottom line - you still have to birth your baby.  

Many women do go in labor and plan to have a natural birth without any preparation. And they do give birth that way. Some - give up halfway and beg for epidural.

But why go the hard way, if you can do it the easy way? Prepare, train your body and your mind for natural birth.

These tips below will put you on the right track on how to prepare for natural birth marathon.

What is Natural Childbirth?

Many years ago natural childbirth was called "a birth". They added “natural” because women start giving births with the help of medical interventions: inductions, painkillers, C-sections and so many more.

Natural birth is when you let the nature go its own path and without any medical “help”.

Natural childbirth has now become a philosophy of birth. Its followers believe that every women (if educated and prepared) can give birth without medical intervention. 

However, I think every mother has a right to name her birth "Natural" even if she had some minor interventions.

Giving Birth Naturally Tips

Tip #1

Educate yourself and your partner

natural childbirth classes

The more you know about birth process the easier it will be for you to go through it. Keep in mind, the same goes for your partner too.

And, NO, a "2-hour-tour-around-the-hospital-saturday-class" just won't work for you if you want to have a natural birth.

Invest in some good childbirth education class. It will pay off BIG TIME.

Busy life? No problem?

I once had the same problem and I found that ONLINE natural childbirth education is as good if not better. They have thought us literally everything, plus a lot more.

Read the article Natural Online childbirth classes on your couch to find out:

  • If free online classes are any good
  • Why do you need natural birthing class at all
  • My secrets of easier natural births (the best online classes that actually help you birth better!)

Tip #2

Get in the water

giving birth naturally in water

There are so many benefits to labor and give birth in water. The most important one -  it reduces your pain and relaxes you so your labor can progress much faster.

Many hospitals and birth centers now carry birth pools.

Here is a full article about Giving birth in water where you can find the research about water births, benefits and risks, supplies needed if you have water birth at home, safety tips and common questions.

Tip #3

Have an orgasmic birth!

Yes, I did say orgasmic...How is that possible? I was skeptic as well when I first heard about it. But when I learned more about it, all I could think of it was - it does make sense.

However, just by wanting an orgasmic birth - it probably won't happen. There are some special relaxation methods and techniques for you to learn to achieve more enjoyable and maybe even pleasurable birth.

Start by watching a documentary "Orgasmic Birth".

Tip #4

Learn, practice and use different birthing positions

The era of laying down on the hospital table while trying to birth a baby is ending. Woman are finally realizing that laying flat down doesn't make any logical sense and actually can stall the labor, not to mention being so uncomfortable while in so much pain.

Birthing ball should be your best friend not only through the pregnancy but during labor as well.  It can help you get in some positions that may reduce pain.

Keep in mind, that it is important to practice different birthing positions before you go in labor.

If you are really serious about different (and very effective) birthing positions and skills - take the Pink Kit course.

Better Birthing Techniques is my review of what would you learn during this online childbirth class.

Tip #5

Watch other natural births

I understand that it is unlikely you have a chance to watch some (or even 1) natural births in real life (unless you have many friends who are due before you and they would like you to watch their natural home births). Yeah, right. 

Hey, I know how you want to see what's really going on there, so, the second best way to get you in the natural birthing mood is - watch some videos. It is an excellent way not only to learn a lot of stuff, see it happening visually but also to get inspired and powered up for your own experience.

Watch Home Birth Videos for every scenario, including documentaries, birth videos appropriate for children, mothers giving birth naturally to twins video, twin births, water births, breech births, unassisted births and of course my favorite - the most beautiful birthing videos.

*It's TR - tear rated, so get your tissues ready.

Tip #6

Birth at home

Giving birth naturally at home is not a choice for everyone, but according to statistics the number of planned homebirths in U.S. is growing.

If you are healthy and have a low-risk pregnancy, scientific studies prove that home births are as safe (if not safer) as hospital births.

The article Birthing At Home is old school for a new generation covers:

Tip #7

Natural birth in hospital

Are you planning on giving birth naturally in a hospital?

I know it is possible because I did it.

I tell you, it is not easy to be all natural in the hospital, but if you are prepared - everything is do-able.

Here are few very important tips to have a natural birth in the hospital.

  1. Start from the beginning. Choose care provider that is a close supporter of natural births.
  2. Choose (if you can) “natural birth friendly” hospital.
  3. Write a birth plan. Discuss it with your care provider and have few copies to hand to to nurses when you go to give birth. Even though I said “no medical interventions” I was still reminded every 10 minutes that “the epidural guy” is standing by if your pain is too strong. SO make sure to add that “no reminding or talking about drugs”.
  4. Have your birthing partner/coach with you who is educated about birth process enough and knows you well enough so he can make decisions when you can’t.
  5. Consider water birth in the hospital.
  6. Take a birthing class to learn as much as you can about birth. Do it together with your partner.
  7. Have an extra support. Yes there are a lot of nurses running in and out and it looks like you might not need an extra help, but what you really need - someone knowledgeable and experienced with natural births, someone who believes - you can do it naturally. Doula is a good person to bring to the hospital when giving birth naturally.

Is this even possible?

Giving birth naturally after c-section?

More and more mothers nowdays have safe VBACs (vaginal delivery after c-section).

To determine if you can have a VBAC it is important to look at the reasons why you had C-section with the previous delivery(ies). There are also few more factors to consider.

Consult your care provider to discuss the risks and benefits of it. is a great network for women who are looking more support and information about VBAC.

Giving birth naturally with pitocin?

As you might know, pitocin is given to induce labor or to progress it. It is meant to mimic the natural hormone - oxytocin that mother produces herself, but it sure doesn't do the job most times. There are many situations where medical intervention such as pitocin is necessary to save lives. Unfortunately, it is given to mothers who don't need it.

Recent study claims that the use of pitocin affects not only a mother but a baby as well. Researchers posted that babies are more likely to be admitted to NICU and have lower APGAR scores when pitocin was used.

It is recommended to weight the benefits and the risks of pitocin. If there is no medical need, avoid pitocin.

Giving birth naturally to triplets?

Here is some empowering inspiration for you. This mother gave birth naturally to 3 babies withing 14 minutes.

There is not much information about natural births to triplets because, simply, there aren't many natural births to triplets happening. However, this video (and few more natural birth stories of triplets prove doctors wrong).

Don't just pack the bag for the hospital and hope for a natural birth...

Imagine, how much better natural birth could be if only women would be more prepared. And this doesn't mean getting a spot in the best hospital available or ordering that fancy birthing pool for a water birth. 

Prepared - means educated about the birth well enough, so mother can be fully confident and trust herself to help her body do what it does best - birth the baby.

We CAN birth better.

Share your home birth story (it means a lot to us)

Before mothers decide to give birth at home they read a lot of home birth stories. Here is your chance to help out those mothers by sharing your inspiring and empowering home birth story.

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* Keep in mind that my tips about giving birth naturally are based on my own personal experience and the research that I have done for myself to go through this journey. Therefore, I am not a medical professional (and I am not giving a medical advice with this article), so if you have some concerns please talk to your care provider. 

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