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Watching home birth videos is one of the best ways to prepare yourself and your family for a home birth.

Videos inspire, teach, give your more confidence and assure you that you can do it too!

I have been a fan of natural birth videos (especially home births) for many years. I watched them when I was pregnant and I still watch them now.

I have saved my favorites and put them here for you to enjoy!

Warning! Get your tissue paper ready because you WILL be crying.

Home Birth Documentaries

Few years ago these documentaries "opened my eyes" about home births. In fact many couples decided to give births at home after watching some of these documentaries.

They are quite long, but they are sure worth it to watch with your partner.

 'Home delivery', UK documentary

Pregnant In America - Documentary

Orgasmic Birth - Best Kept Secret

The Business of Being Born Trailer (Part 1)

Get your copy here:

The Business of Being Born

More Business of Being Born Trailer

Get your copy of More Business of Being Born. More Business of Being Born

The Face of Birth documentary Trailer

Get your copy of “The face of Birth”. 

Home Birth Videos For Children

If you are planning to have your child during your home birth, show him some videos of births to visualize and prepare for your being in labor and birthing a baby. Everybody will have a great experience.

 Mom and Dad caught baby Juniper while big sister was the photographer

Birth video for Daddy in Afghanistan

River's Birthday- Homebirth/ Waterbirth/Natural

Home Birth Videos Twins

Twin home birth. Slide of pictures. Babies were born almost 9 hours apart.

Danielle's Twin Homebirth

Water Birth Videos at Home

The Home Birth of Lemma Maria

Birth of Ruby, natural home water birth

Natural birth encouragement - pain and joy

Shiloh's quick and peaceful water birth

Home Birth Breech Video

The Frank Breech Birth at Home (Graphic!)

The Footling Breech Birth at Home

Noah & Liam's Breech Home Birth

Taylor's Natural Breech Birth

Breech Water Birth at Home

Home Birth Videos Unassisted

Birth in Nature: Natural Birth

Unassisted Childbirth Natural Childbirth at Home

Home Birth Videos Standing Up

 Natural Home Birth of Genevieve

Vaginal Delivery Movie, Unassisted

Home Birth Videos Graphic

 Natural Unmedicated Birth - with original sound

Clare's Homebirth Diary

Natural birth of a woman at home - Homebirth

Beautiful Home Birth Videos

All of the birth videos (especially about home births) are beautiful and amazing. Every one of them makes me cry almost instantly.

If you didn't start sobbing yet, here are few more special videos about births at home that will make you weep like a baby.


The Home Birth of Lucia Mae

Documentary Birth Film

Birth at home With Big Sister As Stunning Doula

Birth from Josh Rask Films on Vimeo.

The most beautiful birth home video

Thanks to all the couples who share their very intimate and personal moments of their lives. Their main goal of doing this is to inspire and encourage other women give births naturally at home.

If you have a home birth video please share a link in comments.

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