Natural Online Childbirth Classes
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Natural Online childbirth classes are for you if:

Birthing Class on your couch
  • You want to learn more about childbirth without sacrificing a lot of your time while driving to the class every week.

  • You want your partner to be educated so he doesn't feel helpless during your child's birth. 
  • You have children, but don't have anybody to watch them while you go to live childbirth classes. 
  • You are on bed rest.
  • You have a busy schedule and your husband is working full time.
  • You don't like crowded classes. 
  • You can't find a class near you that satisfies your needs.

One of them MUST BE YOU, so keep reading about my search for the best childbirth class online (with stunning results!).

In this article:

Free online childbirth classes didn't work for me

As I was very picky with the information sources, I spend hours and hours online and in the library just to find out what I was NOT looking for.

Then I took few of those general birth classes in the hospital just to realize that they don't teach women how to birth. Yes, they provide a lot of information about births and how, why, when they happen but in reality women leave those classes in more fear and confusion that they came in with.

Free Online Childbirth classes I started taking “didn’t get to me”, because they were so generic, not personal, even  though they had a lot of information.

Some of them even talked about epidural as a very normal and acceptable birthing tool.

Until few years ago I came across these few childbirth education classes that really spoke to me. I fell in love with them immediately.

Why do you need natural birthing classes at all?

Women have been birthing naturally for centuries without any fancy expensive classes. And most of them were fine.

But believe me, it was much easier to birth naturally many years ago because:

  • Women were not tied up to the bed all through the 24-hour labor and then told to push in a most uncomfortable position possible.
  • Hundred years ago there were no discovery channels where they showed horrible natural births with devastating outcomes.
  • There were no news channels where they showed an easy births with an epidurals and planned easy “non-risk” C-sections.
  • There were no nurses coming in and out of the hospital room and offering you a medicated pain relief (an epidural).

The Media and current public understanding of birth has simply scared mothers to birth on their own. It’s like they are hypnotized to go to the hospital and let THE DOCTOR DELIVER THE BABY. Which many times means a lot of unnecessary medical intervention: induction, epidural, vacuum and c-section.

So what should we do? We should know our options. We should know that we can birth ourselves. We just need to be reminded and reassured.

The knowledge that women gets from her birthing education classes allows her to believe that her body CAN birth the baby if only she lets it. If she learns how to listen to her own body and how to drop fear and have all the confidence in the world.

It is not enough to want a natural birth.

It is not enough to say “my grandmother did, I will do it too”.

Why should you have ONLINE childbirth education?

6 reasons to LOVE online childbirth classes!

"The knowledge we gained and  the skills I learned during the online childbirth classes were the biggest gift I ever got to myself, my husband and our children."

1. Statistics show that there are more chances to give birth naturally when mother (and father) is prepared and educated about the birth.

2. Learning about the childbirth leads to better birth experiences, successful breastfeeding and bonding, easier postpartum.

3. Online birthing classes allows you to enjoy the comfort of your couch or possibly a birthing ball without even leaving your home.

4. There will be no “missed” classes because of the work schedule, the lazy days or the babysitter who didn’t show up to watch the kids.

5. It is easier to get your partner on board when he doesn’t have to leave the house to “learn how to massage”.

6. It is so convenient. No more “googling”, no more endless forum posts and questions to your mother. It’s all in one course. Everything you need to know. All the questions answered.

My Secrets of Easier Natural Births

As funny and crazy as it sounds, I did find a better way to birth thanks to these online childbirth classes.

Please review each of them separately (the full review opens in a new window).

Pick any class (or both, like I did) that you think will fit your needs best and enjoy your journey to the most powerful experience of your life. 

Online Childbirth Class #1

Birth Boot Camp

Besides the most recent information and research provided in these classes I also loved the format of it. It was like watching a good childbirth documentary with interviews of midwives, doulas, chiropractors and other couples who went through the course and had great birth experiences.

Also, it was very easy to convince my husband to get on board with it. Birth Boot Camp sounded like something a guy can learn from too.

This online childbirth course is for couples who:

  • want a natural and non-medicated birth
  • want to avoid cesarean section
  • want to have a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)
  • want to be prepared mentally, physically and emotionally for a natural birth

Read more about Birth Boot Camp online childbirth education course.

Online Childbirth Class #2

The Pink Kit

This online childbirth education is one of a kind. It is really unique and the information in there is priceless.

I think Pink Kit is for those who want to learn more specific birthing skills and want to stay in 100% control of their bodies. After taking this class I finally found out what it means "feel your body", "learn to listen to your body", "let your body go on it's own pace".

It's a great course to take together with your partner as well. With the different exercises you will learn more about your bodies than your ever did. And the greatest thing is that they (exercises) will later pay off big time during your labor and birth process.

The skills that I learned with the Pink Kit Method.

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