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My breastfeeding toddler is on my lap (nursing) as I type this text. This article will go live if he won’t press delete... again.

breastfeeding toddler

In this article:

Tips for mother of a breastfeeding toddler when...

  • ...bites (ouch!)

Tips for mother of a breastfeeding toddler when...

...mother is tired, is in pain and has this “get-off me” feeling.

In other words - ready to wean.

To be able to give the best food and comfort for your infant or toddler you need to feel good yourself first. Find that balance between your comfort zone and the needs of your child.

Keep in mind, that breastfeeding is not all about the child. If mother is stressed, in pain, uncomfortable - milk won’t come. Now, don’t get me wrong. Don’t wean your infant the minute you will start having sore nipples or the second (actually, it will feel like an hour) your toddler bites your nipple with his new teeth. Always, find the problem. Look for solution and fix it. Don’t suffer.

It is very helpful to talk to somebody who has the same experience. Finding friends and having breastfeeding toddler play date can be a very good idea for some mothers who need more support and confidence. 

Tips for a mother of a breastfeeding toddler who...

...nurses in public or while traveling

Breastfeeding your toddler in public is not that challenging as it sounds.

  • Wearing layers of clothing (tank top underneath, which you pull down a bit to get the breast out and a bigger shirt on top, which you just pull up) will help you be little discreet if you want.
  • Breastfeeding covers don’t work for toddlers unless you want to play a peek-a-boo game with him.

“Are you still breastfeeding him?”

If you are asked this question with the lifted eyebrow and that weird voice tone, then go here to learn some great tricks on how to deal with criticism when breastfeeding in public. 

  • Try nursing your toddler in the quiet place: whether you are in the mall, park or in a post office. Less noise and distraction for your toddler - more enjoyable meal for him.
  • Best advice I can give you about nursing toddler in public is breastfeed him in a carrier. Obviously, the soft and front caring ones work best. I could not live without my babyergo.

         Breastfeeding compliments babywearing really well. Try it and you will love it.

        If you are lucky - he will fall asleep, so you can enjoy your grocery shopping or a hike.

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Tips for a mother of a breastfeeding toddler who...

...bites (ouch!)

First, understand why is your toddler biting you while you nurse him:

  • It could be because he just got some new teeth and he is just “trying them out”. In this case, give him some teething toys to chew or bite on right before breastfeeding.
  • It could be because his mouth outgrew your nipple and he didn’t adjust the latch yet.
  • It could be because of the bad latch. After few weeks of pain while nursing my toddler I finally found the right latch trick for him. I had to make him open his mouth as wide as he could (by teasing him with the nipple) and I would hold his head and push it gently towards the breast so his mouth was covering my aureola pretty good.
  • It could be because of the breastfeeding position. I know it is hard to settle and keep 1 steady position while breastfeeding a toddler, but try to encourage him to change it up a little bit.  

If none of these are the reason of biting, then talk to him and explain him that it hurts you when he bites and you cannot nurse him afterwards.

Put your finger in the corner of his mouth to release the latch.

Try not to scream your lungs out when he bites you (a reminder to myself).

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Tips for a mother of breastfeeding toddler who...

...frequently nurses at nights

I would not imagine breastfeeding during night without co-sleeping or bed-sharing. This is the reason why I could nurse by kids so long. Breastfeeding and co-sleeping go very well together.

So if you don’t mind nursing him during nights - keep on going.

But if the night time nursing sessions are starting to bother you, do some gentle changes.

  • Don’t be afraid to establish some boundaries about breastfeeding with your toddler.

If your toddler talks and understands what you say, you could explain him that he can only nurse to sleep and early in the mornings.

  • “There is no eating when mommy’s eyes are closed.”

Of course, he will not get it right away. It will take up to few weeks, but it’s worth of trouble if you will have your breasts all to yourself (or not) at nights.

Later on, my daughter would try to open my eyes with her fingers as early as she could so she could start nursing.

  • Letting your partner wake up when your child asks for nurse at night is a good idea. Not seeing you, may help your child go to sleep faster. Maybe.

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Tips for a mother of breastfeeding toddler who...

...frequently “snacks” during the day

Again, if it is not a problem for you - keep on “snacking”.

If you are on a tight schedule and want to reduce the feedings a little bit, try this:

  • avoid sitting in your usual nursing spot
  • when you hold your child, avoid holding him in breastfeeding positions
  • if toddler asks for a nurse too often, try to distract him with a new game or a different toy.
  • offer him some healthy snacks and some water from the cup.
  • ask him to nurse less time on each breast. You could turn this into a counting game.

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Tips for a mother of a breastfeeding toddler who... an acrobat while nursing

Only a mother with a breastfeeding toddler will understand what does acrobat nursing mean.

You toddler just learned walking, running, jumping, climbing and so many more physical activities. It is normal for him to do so during nursing. Don’t discourage him.

  • Let him try it out some positions, hopefully later he will get bored with them. Hopefully.
  • Nursing necklace or a nursing toy can distract and calm the breastfeeding toddler.
  • Singing songs, reading books to your breastfeeding toddler should keep him in 1 positions for a while.

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Tips for a mother of breastfeeding toddler who...

...falls asleep while nursing

toddler breastfeeding

1.  Finish posting an article about breastfeeding a toddler - because if you don’t do it now - it will be gone forever.

2.  Have a cup of tea - because you won’t have a crayon in it instead of a spoon.

3.  Read a book for your older child for some special quality time together.

4.  Go take a nap together with your toddler - because it is the sweetest nap you will ever take.

nursing toddler

Enjoy - because it's the greatest thing in the world.

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