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orgasmic birth

I will admit that when I heard about orgasmic birth few years ago I thought it was some kind of weird "hippy stuff" (not that hippy stuff is bad, I just thought that it is definitely not for me).  

My opinion was based on ... nothing. I didn’t know anything about the hormones, about the anatomy of woman's body, about the birth process and many various relaxation methods. I did know that natural birth is what I want and to have this I must suffer. And I did.

If I only knew...

When I learned more about how natural birth process works and how women's body goes along with it with the help of its hormones, all I could think “it makes so much sense, why didn’t I know about this? Why didn't my doctor tell me this?"

It’s a blissful birth full of ecstasy, unexplainable joy and women’s transformation. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an actual orgasm during childbirth. I think ecstatic birth is a good synonym.

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Research about Orgasmic Birth

It’s very simple and it comes down to woman's anatomy.  If the vaginal canal, cervix, and clitoris is stimulated it can block the pain and there is a chance of orgasm during labor or childbirth.

Keep in mind that during labor women’s hormones are sky high and many of them are the same ones as when women experience orgasm while making love.

In fact, women have 10 times more of prolactin, oxytocin and beta-endorphins during labor and childbirth comparing to the amount of these hormones during sex.

The main research about orgasmic births was done in France. 109 midwives participated in the survey. These midwives assisted about 206,000 births all together during their careers.

The survey had found:

  • 668 mothers experienced orgasmic feelings during labor
  • 868 mothers showed signs of experiencing pleasure during childbirth
  • 9 mothers had orgasm during birth

The number of women having orgasmic births is small (about 0.3% in this survey) because many mothers are simply not talking about their pleasurable birth experiences.

Another study that was published in 1988 by Komisaruk found that women have smaller pain sensitivity during labor.

There is a 100% rate of not tearing during childbirth if the woman is touching her clitoris.

It is very interesting because this research found that vaginal stimulation produces pain transmitter which is called P.

Also they they found a close physiological pain and pleasure “relationship” where cortex and insula are both very actively working during pain and pleasure.

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Orgasmic Birth Movie

“Orgasmic birth: the best kept secret” is the name of this documentary and it was the the first thought I had after watching this 85 minute long film. 

The director Pascali-Bonaro was trying to change the cultural attitude that made mothers who had orgasmic births feel guilty and shameful. She said that clitoral and nipple stimulation can ease the pain for some women during childbirth. A mother could even use vibrators to stimulate her clitoris and to decrease the pain.

It is a must watch for every expectant (or not) mother. It will change the whole understanding of childbirth. It did change my perception of natural birth. I thought that natural birth meant pain and a lot of suffering.

I am sure this movie and the book will lead you to more pleasant birth experiences. Enjoy! 

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Orgasmic Birth Book

If you want to learn more about natural birth, natural ways to deal with pain, how to enjoy your birth more and possibly have a joyful birth, then you need to read this book.

It clearly explains about how women’s brain work during labor and birth and how those brain waves can affect your hormones. The scientific explanations in this book will increase your confidence in giving birth naturally.

The book also has some real stories of women who had orgasmic births.


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Tips for more enjoyable birth experience

Don’t put your hopes up too high. Not every women can be that lucky to have an orgasm, but there some things you can do during your labor to have more chances in achieving orgasm during birth.

orgasmic birth infographic

1. Learn your body. Educate yourself about the hormones that appear during labor and birth and how they can help you to relax more. Also it is very important to understand how your uterus and its muscles work during contractions.

2. Accept your sexuality as natural thing. Not nasty, scary or shameful. If you are able to see your sexuality as spiritual thing, you will let go all the other barriers that hold most women off from having blissful births.

3. Practice your mind and body. To have an orgasmic, pleasurable birth you need to prepare for it physically and mentally. Learn and practice some relaxation methods: breathing, perineal massage, chanting, doing yoga, hip rotation together with concentric rubbing of your belly during contractions, getting into the water, practicing hypnosis and many others ways.  

4. Have your partner by your side. Taking some classes during pregnancy (together with your partner) is one of the best things you can do. Bradley Method is natural birthing class that focuses on a husband/partner as a coach during labor and birth.

5. Create private environment. You are more likely to relax and possibly have an orgasm during your childbirth at home or somewhere where you feel private, safe and feel happy. I believe that it would be kind of hard to do it in the hospital full of doctors and nurses, coming and going through the door and asking you what is your pain number.

But if you are in the hospital - talk with the doctors and nurses about your birthing plans ahead so hopefully you can arrange some more privacy there (such as dimmed lights, low-profile nurse visits and lower voices).

6. No medical intervention. If you want to experience this life changing experience, you have to do it all natural. This means no drugs: no induction, no pain killers. If any kind of medication is used it would "kill" the affect of hormones which is very important for the process of natural birth.

Orgasmic birth is not a new fashion trend. The anatomy of women's body hasn't changed. The only thing is different now - women are talking and sharing their experiences more openly. The acceptance of their sexuality is not that shameful anymore.

Why would you choose pain and suffering when you could experience the best feeling in the world? The joyful and orgasmic birth.

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Please share your natural birth story with us to encourage and support other mothers.

Your natural and positive birth story is the BEST inspiration for expectant mothers who are hoping for a natural and enjoyable birth experience.

How would you name your birth story?

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