Honest Ergo baby carrier reviews

I collected these Ergo baby carrier reviews by myself from parents like you at the parks, city events, public pools, libraries, malls and at babywearing conference about their experience with this carrier.

I was determined to provide you with the best, most accurate and honest reviews about ergo baby carriers.

ergo baby carrier reviews

I am fortunate to live in a town full of babywearers. They are everywhere and guess what: most of them  wear their babies/toddlers with ergo baby carrier. (I think the stroller sale rates must be very low in my town). 

 Basically, I asked 2 simple questions:

  1. “What do you like about ergo baby carrier?”
  2. “What is that you don’t like about ergo baby carrier?”

I collected the good and the bad.

So here are the ergo baby carrier reviews:

Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews Nr. 1

ergo baby carrier reviews

Veronica with 20 month old Luke

Liked: "It was a big decision for us to make. Spending $115 on a baby carrier didn't really fit our budget back then. We knew we wanted and needed it badly because all of our friends were talking about how good it was. So we decided to scratch something else from the list and get the baby Ergo.

It was really the best baby/child gear we have ever bought. Literally, we didn't need a stroller, a play pen or any other "activity" things for the baby. He was as happy as he could be in the ergo carrier.

Ergo had everything:

  • 3 available caring positions (front, back, hip),
  • the baby was sitting comfortably and safely (his but slightly lower than his knees),
  • the head support/hood was a great way to hold the head, cover from sun/rain/distraction/for privacy
  • I could easily breastfeed while on the go (being able to breastfeed anywhere, anytime and with no free hands definitely contributes to baby ergo carrier).
  • comfortable for the carrier. I did use 4 or 5 other baby carriers and only had back aches. With Ergo, I looked for an excuse to wear it as often as I could. "

Didn't like: "When my baby turned into a toddler, the hood became kinda small and we get a lot of rain where we live. I used to carry his rain jacket to cover up from rain. But recently my sister told me about the new, extended rain proof hood. It's on our list."

P.S. There is also an amazing accessory if you live in a rainy and windy area: rain cover. It can easily attach any of the ergo carriers. Your baby will stay toasty and dry.

Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews Nr. 2

Ellen with 2 month old Richard and 4 year old Monica

Liked: “I just started using Ergo with the insert because we wanted to come outside more and a stroller was too much of a hassle. I love it because it is so comfortable for me and it seems like baby is liking it too. I love the padded waist belt and the padded shoulder straps. It feels like I am not even caring my baby, yet he is so close to me. It's so awesome. I hope we will be using for a while. Also, I my older daughter Monica is really enjoying her ergo baby doll carrier. It was a big sister gift from grandparents.

I was using Baby Bjorn baby carrier with my 1st child and I thought that was nice until I learned that: 1. Facing forward carriers are not really that good for babies 2. Hard structure carrier is not healthy for little babies. Also, after wearing her with the Bjorn carrier for more than 20 minutes my back would be very sore. But at that time I thought all carriers are like that. "

Didn't like: "It took me some time to figure out that I was using Ergo wrong. I had it too loose on my hips and my shoulder stripes were not tightened enough. But after my friend showed me the trick I and my baby was in a happy place. "

Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews Nr. 3


Rick with 1.5 year old Dylan

Liked: "I heard horror stories from my friends about how hard is to figure those baby carriers out. But Ergo wasn't like that. I didn't need any instructions from my wife. It came natural to me how to put it on, use the straps, buckles and how to put the baby in. My son loves it so much. I can finally put a baby to sleep without her mama. Just putting him in the Ergo carrier and walking little faster makes him sleepy just in few minutes. Would not trade for no other baby carrier."

Didn't like: "There is one minus that I would like to point out. During summer we went to visit family in Florida. It got really hot in Ergo carrier. Something to think about if you live in a hot climate area."

p.s.There is a new sport edition of Ergo baby that is made of lighter fabric so your baby can stay cooler during hot weather.

Plus, I think Ergo baby sport is for bigger/taller parents with bigger babies so Rick would really appreciate this edition or ergobaby.

Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews Nr. 4

Melinda with 2 year old Sofi

Liked:  "I am short and my daughter is getting bigger, yet I still comfortably have her in this Ergo. She doesn’t need it as much, but if we go for a longer walk, then Ergo really saves my life. 

After using other carriers I can say that ERGO is the one and only which will provide you back and shoulder pain free babywearing experience."

Didn’t like: "When I don’t use it (and sometimes I don’t use it during the whole 3-4 hour trip, it is little bit annoying to carry it around whether on your hips, in a backpack or in your hands. I even have a funny story about it. Last year when we traveling outside the country, locals thought my ergo (when I was wearing it down-loose-without a baby) was a national costume of America."

Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews Nr. 5


Anna with 2 year old Oscar

Liked: " I don’t like Ergo baby carrier, I LOVE IT! I think it’s the best invention related to a baby/kid care. I think the person who created it - was a baby himself a that time too because he knew how to make them comfortable. No doubt she/he was a parent who had enough of the back pain caring with other baby carriers. We have 6 kids (yes, 6), so we had a nice share of various baby carriers. We tried probably 2 carriers for a child, so that makes about 10 carriers. Ergo baby is by far my favorite one. I love that all the baby's weight is on your hips, not on your back or shoulders. That's why I don't feel any pain."

Didn’t like: "Before I bought it, I didn’t like the price of it, because I was used to the cheap walmart baby carriers for $25, but since the minute I put it on, I still can’t find what I don’t like about it and it’s been almost 2 years now. I only feel sad that I found it after I had all those kids. It would have been much easier with babyergo. My husband jokes sometimes - that we should have a another baby so I could enjoy my ergo carrier more".

Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews Nr. 6

Brenda with 3 year old Lucy

Liked: "I never thought  I will be wearing a 3 year old. Yes, my daughter is 3 and I still have her in my baby ergo carrier. I love that because of Ergo we were able to stay outdoors so much. Even when she was sick I used to bundle her up and we used to walk down the hill from our house.

When Lusy turned 2 she preferred to be in the back, so we are backpacking since then."

Didn’t like: "There is one thing that I don’t like. When I carry my daughter on my back in Ergo, the front belt and buckle is on my belly. So for some reason it pushes on my belly and it kinda exposes all my "fat goodies". Let’s admit, not everybody gets their perfect bodies back after babies. So I always try to find something looser to wear on top to cover my belly area."

Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews Nr. 7

Rhonda with 1.5 year old Owen

Liked: " Oh, where do I start? I love so many things about baby ergo. First, it’s so comfortable for me and my baby. Second, I feel very secure that my baby/toddler won’t fall out accidentally.

Third, I like the position he is sitting in the front - it is perfect for nursing, especially in public."

Didn’t like: "The price, but after I got it and used it couple of times, I knew it was worth every penny. Also, I feel like for a super petite women Ergo might be little to big. The shoulder straps are too far from each other (if you have small shoulders) and the waist belt is too big. I am using Ergo original, maybe new generation is adjusted."

Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews Nr. 8

Carry with 10 month old Juliana

Liked: " After using so many baby carriers with my first child I found Baby Ergo one of a kind because it did have everything. It was comfortable, pretty, easy to use/put it on. I really like the padded straps all around. The buckles seem to be very sturdy. I got my Ergo baby from a friend who used it for 2.5 years with her son. All I did was washed and it was almost like new.

To be honest, I really don’t want my daughter to outgrow babywearing. It’s so much fun with Baby Ergo."

Didn’t like: "When u don’t use it during your trip, it is kinda annoying to wear it while it hangs from your waist down to your knees."

Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews Nr. 9

Caroline with 18 month old Tom

Liked: " I love that baby Ergo provides so many extras. You need infant insert - here. Your baby is munching on those shoulder straps - there is organic teething pads which are easy to put it on, remove and wash it so you don’t have to wash the entire carrier (in fact, these pads became the favorite teething toy for Tom). I really used the rain cover for my baby, it was awesome because I didn’t have to miss my older son's soccer games when it was rainy or windy. Oh and did I mention to doll carrier that my 4 year old daughter adores. She doesn't go anywhere without it."

Didn’t like: "Nothing."

Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews Nr. 10

July with 9 month old Adam

Liked: "When I was looking at different baby carriers my main concern was hip dysplasia. We have someone in the family with the serious issues of hip dysplasia so I was really worried how to carry my baby. After talking to our pediatrician I understood that front facing carriers are very dangerous. She told me that legs should be spread and thighs supported to the knee joints when baby is in the carrier. I looked for some ergo baby carrier reviews to find that hips are not forced into a stretched-out position using Ergo."

Didn't like: "I am pretty skinny on my hips so the belt buckle that is on the side sometimes is right on my hip bone which makes it uncomfortable. I think a buckle right under belly would be better. However, after adjusting (lifting the carrier little bit higher) I no longer feel discomfort. "

Ergo Baby Carrier Reviews Nr. 11

Suzan with 6 month old Emily

Liked: " I started using baby ergo after my church friend suggested it. I carried my daughter a lot for the first few months. Well, not a lot, always is a better word. She was very colicky and  as soon as I would put her in the baby ergo she would calm down immediately. I guess the pressure on her tummy and the position she would be helped a bunch. Once we were traveling out of town and somehow we forgot to take ergo with us. Since the trip was 4 days long we decided to go ahead and buy the ergo in the town we were at. Simply, we wouldn’t have lasted few hours without it. When we got back I gave my “old” Ergo to a family in need."

Didn’t like: "I don’t know if my hands are  short or if I am not very flexible but I am having hard time reaching out for that back buckle. I mean I can do it, but it’s not an easy task as it looks on those demo videos that they show. I would like to try the hip position, but it looks complicated. Maybe after few months."

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