Breastfeeding Tips
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My Personal Breastfeeding Tips

As a lactation consultant and a breastfeeding advocate I see women every day struggling with breastfeeding.

I wrote these breastfeeding tips to generalize and summarize this wide topic.

Are you a new mother?

I know, it is very overwhelming to start this breastfeeding journey.

But actually, all you need is just few simple tips for a steady start, later - things will come by itself and you will learn as you go (breastfeed). 

During my pregnancy I got a tone (well, not literally) of formula for free in my mail. As I was tossing them out every time I got one, my mother would tell me to keep some "in case".

I usually don't have those "inner voices", but I did have one then. I knew I will not need a formula. I knew I will breastfeed no matter what.

To tell you the truth I did not know much about breastfeeding back then. All I knew that it was the best for my child and I wanted to do it. Period. End of story.

Luckily, I was successful with my breastfeeding experience right from the beginning.

As I did have some challenges (who didn't) I always tried to keep my mind on the prize - a healthy, happy breastfeeding child.

Breastfeeding is pure and natural. So keep it simple.

1. Set your mind on breastfeeding. Imagine that there is no other option. Be careful not to put too much stress on yourself. All you have to know is - you will have milk, plenty of it and your baby will love it.

2. Breastfeed on demand. Wherever, whenever and as much as your child wants to. Even if it's every 20 minutes, at night. Learn how to read his hunger cues, so he doesn't come to a screaming point before every feeding. Feed him when he is hungry, not when he is starving. 

3. Be calm. We like food that is prepared with love. Right?

Well, guess what - babies love that too and they know the difference. I know it gets hectic with newborn and maybe a toddler at home, so it is hard to find that moment to calm down before every nursing session.

As you get caught up in a moment of stress and drama, look at the big picture. You are a mother and you need to nurse. In peace. No matter what. 

4. Avoid pacifiers. Or at least for the first 6 weeks - until your milk supply is well established. Study shows that newborns who have been introduced to pacifiers early in their lives will nurse less often and will wean sooner. Breast is the BEST!

5.  Stick to your believes. Don't let your girlfriend (who doesn't have children) tell you that you should wean your child or a pediatrician, who says that breast milk is not necessary for infant after 6 months.

6. Breastfeed in Public. Otherwise you will be stuck in the house a lot. Breastfeeding in public is great, because it allows a mother to get back into the social life without interrupting child's routines and ... his lunch.

10. Try different breastfeeding positions to find some, that fit you and your child best.

11. Need some help with your breastfeeding toddler? Read these tips to make your life easier...

12. Sooner or later all breastfeeding women express (pump) their breast milk. They do it for many reasons:

  • they want to save the good stuff for later
  • they are engorged and they have to get some milk out to feel relief
  • they have to express (pump) and bottle-feed the baby

There are few ways to express your breast milk.

Expressing Breast Milk
Your Way

11. So you have pumped some milk. What is next? How to store it? Where? How long? It is definitely confusing subject. But I narrowed it down for you to make storing breast milk pretty simple.

8. When you have a problem - ask. There is plenty of support for breastfeeding mothers nowadays.

  • Lactation consultants from the hospital,
  • WIC piers,
  • online forums and support websites
  • facebook pages

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